Don’t let acne leave behind those tell tale signs of scars & pits .

Acne scars can be prevented right from the beginning especially when they are pink or red in colour by doing peels or using laser genesis or IPL technology as part of your acne treatment programme .

Depending on the scar depth & duration there is a volley of treatments that can help revise the scar.

If you already have more stubborn deep scars then subcision , microneedling RF and lasers are required to lift and smoothen them out .

Deep ice pick pitted scars can be lifted with TCA application or with fillers

Fractional skin resurfacing with radio frequency & Erbium YAG laser (Pixel) are great for resurfacing for that final smooth finish.

Contrary to popular belief that scars are forever, let the pits & potholes stay on our roads & not on your face!