Dark Circles

People often think dark circles are due to lack of sleep and genetic causes , but there are a number of other reasons for dark circles to appear.

Another myth about dark circles is that there is no solution for them and that one has to live with it.

Well; Dark circles can be treated !!

There are a number of treatments available such as :

  • Peels
  • Boosters and Growth Factors
  • Derma Rollers
  • Hydrating Fillers
  • Resurfacing lasers and Radiofrequency
  • Fillers (to treat the hollows around the eyes)
  • Microbotox (to improve the skin quality around your eyes)

As you can see, depending upon the issue at hand a treatment plan can be tailored for you. Although we can’t perhaps promise one single miracle cure – with a little bit of help from us and a few DIY tricks on your end we could together blend in the dark circles to once again restore ‘Your eyes as a window to your soul ‘