Hair Regrowth

This is a hair regrowth procedure for hair which uses autologous micro grafts (grafts from self) from the scalp to produce progenitor cells , growth factors and extra cellular factors for hair regeneration .These grafts are processed live in this special machine to produce a fluid sample that is injected into the scalp immediately

It is done as a single session and need not be repeated until a year. It starts showing effects within 3 months and to a maximum of six months.

This technique has preventative benefits for both male and female pattern balding and also regenerates new good quality hair.


  • Single session for one year
  • Minimal maintenance
  • No downtime
  • Can delay need for hair transplant
  • Can supplement a hair transplant
  • No added chemicals
  • USFDA approved

Platelet rich plasma therapy “for stimulating hair growth and stopping hair loss is a process which entails separation of platelet rich plasma from the blood. This plasma is rich in growth factors which help with hair growth and stimulation of hair follicles when injected into the scalp.

This procedure needs to be done once in three weeks for three to six sessions. Maintenance sessions are not required in most except for those who have an ongoing underlying hormonal issue .

PRP helps with acute and chronic hair loss and in those with early stage of balding. It can also be done to maintain hair follicle health.