Blemish free skin ; a reality !

It is actually possible to achieve and enjoy clear skin free of brown spots and unwanted pigmentation .

Facial pigmentation either in form of brown patch or spots following acne or sun damage or hormonal change , exposure to chemicals and certain drugs too can be a major concern across all age groups and in men and women alike.

This lasts for 9 to 12 months and touch ups can be done beyond that

  • In Asian skin such as ours it is often stubborn and resistant .
  • We offer a wide variety of treatment ranging from skin care products tailored to the kind of pigmentation , choosing the correct sunscreen and brightening and lightening agents .
  • Nowadays there are excellent oral nutraceuticals which unify face and body skin tone and colour.
  • Chemical peels, laser toning ,IPL lights ,lasers Like KTP ,tranexemic acid injections , skin boosters are effective ways to target the specific type of pigment , clear it and keep it away!!