Makeup Mistakes That Are Harming Your Skin: By Dr. Atul Kathed


Makeup Mistakes That Are Harming Your Skin: By Dr. Atul Kathed


Applying makeup is a great method to highlight your features and show off your flair. But you might not even be aware that some of the mistakes you make in your cosmetics application are damaging your skin. The most typical errors will be discussed in this article along with how they affect the condition of your skin. Dr. Atul Kathed, the Best Skin Doctor in Indore, will offer professional advice on striking a balance between skincare and makeup.

Not Choosing the Right Makeup Products

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not choosing skin-type-appropriate cosmetics. The incorrect items used might cause skin irritation, acne, and other problems. For a better complexion, Dr. Atul Kathed suggests using cosmetics from brands that dermatologists recommend.

Ignoring Your Skin Type

Since every skin type is different, using cosmetics that aren’t meant for your skin kind can do more harm than good. To choose makeup items that match your skin tone, it is important to understand your skin type.

Sleeping with Makeup On

One of the worst mistakes in skincare is leaving makeup on all night. Dr. Atul Kathed offers advice on the negative consequences, such as breakouts, premature ageing, and clogged pores. Developing a basic skincare routine for the evening might have a big impact.

Overusing Makeup Products

Although cosmetics inspire creativity, too much of it can be bad for your skin. Dr. Atul Kathed advises going for a more natural appearance to allow your skin to breathe and protect it from any long-term harm.


Ignoring Expiry Dates

Makeup expiration is an issue that many people should be aware of. Products that have expired could contain hazardous bacteria that cause skin diseases. To protect your safety, Dr. Atul Kathed offers instructions for examining product expiration dates.

Skipping Sunscreen

Sun protection is vital in any skincare routine. Dr. Atul Kathed emphasizes the importance of using sunscreen daily, even on cloudy days, to safeguard your skin from harmful UV rays.

Using Dirty Makeup Tools

Unclean brushes and sponges can harbour bacteria, leading to skin issues. Dr. Atul Kathed provides easy-to-follow tips for cleaning and maintaining your makeup tools for a hygienic beauty routine.

Neglecting a Skincare Routine

Makeup should complement your skincare routine, not replace it. Dr. Atul Kathed shares insights on the connection between makeup and skincare, emphasizing the importance of maintaining healthy skin. So make sure you follow a regular skincare routine.

Best Dermatologist in Indore – Dr. Atul Kathed

Dr. Atul Kathed is renowned as the best dermatologist in Indore, with a wealth of experience in skincare. His expertise extends to providing personalized advice on maintaining healthy skin while enjoying the benefits of makeup.

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In essence, achieving vibrant skin necessitates avoiding common cosmetic mistakes. Dr. Atul Kathed’s expert advice underscores the importance of a balanced skincare and cosmetics routine for lasting skin health. His insights highlight the need for informed choices in products and practices. A holistic approach, integrating skincare and cosmetics, is vital for sustained well-being. Consistency, mindful choices, and the exclusion of harmful substances are key aspects of a successful skincare strategy. Dr. Kathed’s guidance offers a concise roadmap to maintaining both the aesthetic and overall health of the skin.

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