Skincare And Health

Correct , protect , enhance
At skin secrets we have believed in the mantra;
“correct protect enhance “

Fresh glowing skin adds huge face value and immediately attracts the attention of the onlooker .

Over the last two and half decades me and my team of Dermatologists have successfully practised and helped our patrons achieve bright , clear and radiant skin .We wish you to be the connoiseurs of a skin that connotes good health and good habits !

Today with the backing of science , technology and more bioengineered and sophisticated skin care products we can revive and maintain our skin health .Our forte over the years has been to create bespoke skin care prescriptions and see our patrons through a journey of discovery with carefully selected products , nutraceuticals and appropriate nutrition to suit their skin types and needs.

Our skin is constantly being challenged by disruptive forces of stress, deficiencies , metabolic changes illness and sometimes disease . We need to protect and reinforce our skin care needs from time to time

Ageing is a natural process and is inevitable . However with timely help and sound advise we can push back the ticking clock and the ravages of environment change .. Hence maintenance is key and upgrading your skin needs is vital to preserving while enhancing the skin.

Your hair is a barometer of your health !

Hair concerns have never been bigger and cut accross all borders . Hair loss is multifactorial and a reflection of genetics , stress deficiencies , hormonal and metabolic conditions in addition to chemical insults.

Hair science has fortunately made huge advances in understanding the intricacies or hair loss.

We at skin secrets can help decode the trigger and cause of your hair loss and help in controlling further loss and in retrieving lost hair . We also offer the latest and safe solutions and technologies to speeden up the recovery process!

Early detection and intervention is key and we can help you keep those tressses and locks protected from untimely loss.

So let’s take on the challenge and champion the cause of skin and hair health and care into the next decade with good quality sound advise designed especially for you .